Who is KoreybaArts ? 

Hi, my name is Oleg, 

Koreyba is my family name, so I used as our team name. 
KoreybaArts was founded in 2008 by 3D art professionals with decades of experience in the video game industry. We had worked as a team until 2015. 
Since the fall of 2015, I have been working full-time at 4a-Games as a Character Artist and focused on a single project, Metro Exodus.
After joining 4a-Games, as my main goal I defined doing everything possible to make characters faces, eyes and hands look more realistic and more detailed in the game engine (and not just in a Marmoset or Maya). 
I am glad I managed to reach that goal and I hope you like the results. 

Check out a few of my 3D models rendered in game engine from  Metro Exodus HERE 

my Artstation page 

OLD examples of work of KoreybaArts team HERE

KoreybaArts participated in tens game projects of various genres, published by:

Deep Silver,

Bandai Namco

Activision Publishing,


Milestone S.r.l,

BigBen Interactive,




Microsoft Games,



CDV Software,

Hip Games,



Few 3D models available for purchasing HERE and  HERE 


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